About Us.


We are a multimedia brand agency

Brooks Media Group LLC is a Northern, New Jersey and Houston, Texas based  full-service media conglomerate. We own and operate six platforms  reaching a cumulative audience of over 400 million. We leverage each to stay top of mind with our consumers and small business clientele. We currently own and manage twenty subsidiary brands which aid us in  delivering a concise, resonating marketing message to a well-defined  audience of women.  Brown and Black women specifically.

We bring value to our clients and sponsors by effectively positioning their  brands in a manner that our audience finds interesting, relevant and  ultimately adds value to their overall lives. 


Brooks Media Group has grown exponentially since adding our OTT (Over The  Top Television) platform in 2020. We cater to the needs of our clients and  sponsors seeking to reach an affluent, educated, and cultured audience.

We are certain – as evidenced by buying behavioral patterns - that our  overall audience seek services, products, and business relationships that  mirror their values and enhance their quality of life.

We are home to streaming television, streaming radio, four magazines  (digital and print), social media, and a most coveted opt in subscriber email  community. We also own and operate a nationwide organization comprised  of small to mid-sized business owners. We have 60 chapters in over a dozen  cities. Our membership is over well over 10k. We host several annual events  albeit virtual currently. The engagement is exciting and proves to be  rewarding to both attendees and our beloved sponsors.

Executive Team




Founder / CEO 

Brooks Media Group, LLC


Dr. Teresa R. Martin, Esq.

General Counsel

Law Offices of Teresa R. Martin, P.C.




Director of Corporate Communiations & Sales

CEO of  Travel Go See It with Adrienne


Tanisha Russell Day

Vice President of Brand Management

Founder & Managing Consultant of

Key HR Consulting LLC


Shani Tyler Jones

Chief Operating Officer

Owner & Service Developer MJS Brands

Behind The Scenes.
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